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Organisational Structure

Structure of the Bank of Russia’s head office

Bank of Russia Governor
Elvira Nabiullina
First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Dmitry Tulin
Elena Koroleva(Acting Deputy Governor, Acting Director, Acting Head)
Reports to Dmitry Tulin regarding inspections of credit institutions
Reports to Vladimir Chistyukhin regarding inspections of non-bank financial institutions
Banking Supervision Support Department (in structure until 30.11.2021 inclusive)
Alexander Danilov
Banking Regulation Department (in structure until 30.11.2021 inclusive)
Alexey Lobanov
Banking Regulation and Analysis Department
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Mikhail Alekseev
Russian Union of Cash Collection Divisions
Vasiliy Medvedev
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Andrey Kruzhalov
Field Institutions Department
Sergey Belov
Financial Department
Olga Solodukhina
Administrative Department
Sergey Yakushin
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Dmitry Skobelkin
The Representative Office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Bank of Russia) in the People’s Republic of China in Beijing
Vladimir Danilov
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
Alexey Zabotkin
Kirill Tremasov
Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
German Zubarev
Security Department
Sergey Petrishchev
Reports to the Bank of Russia Governor regarding certain questions
Bank of Russia Interregional Security Centre
Yury Bocharov
Bank of Russia Executive Office
Galina Mechkova
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Last updated on: 23.11.2021