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Summary Methodology

Summary Methodology Central Bank Survey, Credit Institutions Survey, Banking System Survey, Other Financial Institutions Survey, Financial Sector Survey

Monetary Statistics Indicators

Monetary Base (Broad Definition)

Monetary Base (Narrow Definition)

Money Supply (National Definition)

Clarifications on revision of methodology of Money Supply components compilation

Due to the publication of Central Bank Survey, Credit Institutions Survey and Banking System Survey in extended format (hereafter - Surveys) which contain updated values of Money Supply the Bank of Russia informs about the changes.

The changes were made as a part of the work on completing the integrated information basis for the compilation of monetary statistics, SNA financial balance sheets and financial accounts. In this case classification of data from various sources was completed, new sources of information on non-credit financial organizations were added and harmonization of data with Government Finance Statistics (hereafter - GFS) was made.

Liquidity and counterparty sectors for Money Supply deposits were additionally analyzed with the use of more detailed sources of information. As a result, the part of funds which belongs to Federal Government sector and restricted deposits of nonfinancial organizations and households were excluded from Money supply.

Particularly, the data based on reports of management companies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on pension savings invested in credit institutions deposits as well as the data on funds obtained under repo agreements with Federal Treasury, was excluded from transferable and other deposits of financial (excluding credit institutions) organizations.

The data on several public corporations which are the part of General Government sector according to GFS methodology were excluded from the transferable deposits of nonfinancial organizations.

The data on restricted funds were excluded from other deposits of nonfinancial organizations and households.

20 January 2017

Money Supply (M2) seasonally adjusted

Broad Money seasonally adjusted

Central Bank Survey

Credit Institutions Survey

Banking System Survey

Monetary statistics indicators (2008-2016) (Excel)

Retrospective Information

Monetary Statistics Indicators, 2001-2007 (Excel)

Monetary Statistics Indicators, 1995-2000 (Excel)

Analytical Accounts of Monetary Authorities

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Analytical Accounts of Credit Institutions

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Monetary Survey

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The Bank of Russia Balance Sheet 'Bank of Russia Statistical Bulletin' - Table 2.1

Non-financial sector and Households debt

Non-financial sector and Households debt on bank loans and debt securities

Non-financial sector and Households debt, extended


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