Monetary Policy

Monetary policy constitutes an integral part of the state policy and is aimed at enhancing wellbeing of Russian citizens. The Bank of Russia implements monetary policy in the framework of inflation targeting regime, and sees price stability, albeit sustainably low inflation, as its priority. Given structural peculiarities of the Russian economy, the target is to reduce inflation to 4% by 2017 and maintain it within that range in the medium run.

The monetary policy affects the economy through interest rates, its main parameter being the Bank of Russia key rate. Taking into account the pass-through effect of the monetary policy on the economy, central bank decisions are based on the economic outlook and assessment of risks to achieve the inflation target over the mid-term horizon, and also on possible threats to sustainable economic growth and financial stability.

The Bank of Russia maintains energetic communication policy, clarifying the motives and expected outcome of its monetary policy decisions, as public awareness of these efforts may enhance their effectiveness.

What's New

23/10/2019 Terms and conditions of the Bank of Russia standing deposit facilities
22/10/2019 Terms of Main Deposit Auction
22/10/2019 Terms and Conditions of lending standing facilities
17/10/2019 Bank of Russia coupon bonds placed
17/10/2019 Consumer price dynamics
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17/10/2019 Household deposits continue to grow in September
17/10/2019 Current account surplus lower in Q3 on cheaper energy commodities
15/10/2019 Publishing of terms of «1 week» deposit auction, conducted by Bank of Russia
14/10/2019 Inflation in September significantly below forecast
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