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Forecast of factors affecting banking sector liquidity used to determine the limit on the CBR 1-week auctions*

For the period from 21.02.2024 to 27.02.2024, bln rubles
Change in balances on correspondent accounts with the CBR - 291
Change in cash in circulation (outside the CBR) 45
Change in general government accounts with the CBR and other items** - 80
The balance of the CBR operations for liquidity management and on the domestic FX market 1 713
The limit on the CBR 1-week deposit auction carried out on the 20.02.2024 1 390

* The detailed algorithm of the limit’s calculation is provided in the informational material "On the estimation of the limits on the Bank of Russia auction-based liquidity providing (absorbing) operations". The sign reflects the factor’s influence on the banking sector liquidity.

** Including FX purchases (sales) by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the domestic FX market.

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Last updated on: 20.02.2024