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Electronic document workflow between the Bank of Russia and credit institutions on secured loans operations

Starting from 1 October 2018, when extending secured loans under the Terms and Conditions1, the Bank of Russia will accept electronic2 documents from credit institutions in the form of electronic messages in accordance with electronic document exchange agreements3.

Information on the formats and details of the respective documents is available in the section Information and Analytical Materials of the Bank of Russia website:

— an application for Bank of Russia loan, a bid for participation in a credit auction (electronic message ED421);

— an appeal to recall an application for Bank of Russia loan, an appeal to recall a bid for participation in a credit auction (electronic message ED425);

— a notification of an early settlement of Bank of Russia loan (electronic message ED428);

— an application to transfer securities, an application to exclude non-marketable assets from the pool of collateral and (or) the pledged items (electronic message ED429).

The Bank of Russia will not process electronic documents which do not contain the required details or which have been sent in the formats different from those set by the regulator.

For details of Bank of Russia lending operations refer to the Monetary Policy section of the Bank of Russia website.

1 The Terms and Conditions for the Issue and Redemption of Bank of Russia Loans Backed by Securities or Credit Claims.

2 According to Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-03-20/55, dated 17 August 2018.

3 An electronic document exchange agreement while transferring funds within the Bank of Russia payment system concluded between the Bank of Russia and a credit institution.

28 September 2018

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