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Date of Issue
Catalogue number
Cities of Labour Valour
Date of Issue
Catalogue number
10 rubles
Brass plated steel
Total weight, g
5.63 (±0.15)
Diameter, mm
22.0 (+0.20) (–0.05)
Thickness, mm
2.20 (±0.20)
Mintage, pcs


in the centre the denomination of the coin ‘10 РУБЛЕЙ’ (10 RUBLES), inside the figure ‘0’ hidden pictures of the number ‘10’ and the inscription ‘РУБ’ (RUB), visible alternately when changing the angle of vision, on the left and on the right stylised images of laurel and oak branches respectively, along the rim at the top the inscription ‘БАНК РОССИИ’ (BANK OF RUSSIA), at the bottom the year of issue ‘2021’, to its right the mint trade mark.


a relief image of a fragment of the monument to the war workers from Omsk; along the rim there are inscriptions: ‘ОМСК’ (OMSK) at the top and ‘ГОРОДА ТРУДОВОЙ ДОБЛЕСТИ’ (CITIES OF LABOUR VALOUR) on the band at the bottom.


Designer: A.A. Brynza.
Sculptor: A.N. Bessonov.
Mint: Moscow Mint (ММД).
Edge: 6 sections with 5 corrugations and 6 sections with 7 corrugations alternated with 12 smooth sections.

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The city of Omsk was assigned the honorary title of the Russian Federation City of Labour Valour for the significant contribution made by its citizens to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, which ensured uninterrupted output of military and non-military goods by industrial enterprises, and for mass labour heroism and selfless commitment shown by the city dwellers.

The Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 was a severe test for Omsk citizens. The population faced a hard challenge to host about 200 evacuated industrial enterprises, 60 hospitals, dozens of educational institutions, theatres, museums and hundred thousands of refugees. It was necessary to provide people with accommodation, food, firewood and relocated enterprises with premises, construction materials, and electricity. Buildings of medical and educational institutions were used by industrial enterprises, and accommodated military hospitals.

Patriotic rise of Omsk inhabitants was manifested in the increase of labour efficiency at the factories and plants and in overfulfilment of industrial programmes. One of the typical slogans of that time said: ‘Each Worker of the Rear Helps the Red Army’. People worked in extreme and almost unbearable conditions. As there were no ready factory buildings, machinery was placed out in the open air. Despite the severe Siberian frost, people manufactured military products working on machines day and night. They mastered several working professions in order to replace those who had gone to the front. The workers fulfilled their job rates 200–500%.

Sources: https://admomsk.ru, Executive Order of the RF President No. 444, dated 2 July 2020, ‘On Assigning the Honorary Title of the Russian Federation City of Labour Valour’.

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