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Nearly 2,500 illegal creditors and financial pyramids revealed in 2023 H1

17 июля 2023 года

The Bank of Russia has detected over 1,100 financial pyramids, nearly 850 illegal creditors and more than 400 illegal professional securities market participants.

In order to suppress illicit operations and block fraudulent websites, the regulator reports the information on all revealed cases to the law enforcement agencies and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia. In 2023 H1, based on these materials, including those forwarded before, the authorities initiated almost 70 criminal cases and blocked more than 5,000 resources.

Over January—June 2023, the number of illegal creditors increased by 28% year‑on‑year. Offering their services, they take into account potential customers’ age, social status and interests. This is why illegal creditors not only advertise online microloans, but also communicate with potential customers in offices.

The number of financial pyramids detected in 2023 H1 was 19% higher year-on-year. Nearly 60% of these unlawful projects accepted contributions in cryptocurrency. The number of illegal professional securities market participants decreased by almost a third, compared to January—June 2022, as foreign-domiciled entities of this kind had exited the Russian market.

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