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Amount outstanding of debt securities issued in domestic market and related to sustainable development

Amount outstanding of debt securities* (breakdown by type), bln rubles

* At face value including debt amortization.

The volume of debt securities related to the sustainable development totalled 371 billion rubles as of 31.12.2023.

The main volume of debt securities in sustainable development accounted for green bonds (231 billion rubles) and bonds related to national projects (85 billion rubles). There were 31 issues in December 2023 including 18 green issues.

Amount outstanding of debt securities (breakdown by sector of issuer), bln rubles

* In total outstanding amount of debt securities with the exception of debt securities of general government.

The largest amounts outstanding of debt securities were issued by other financial corporations (216 billion rubles) and general government (70 billion rubles).

The share of amount outstanding of debt securities related to sustainable development in total outstanding amount of debt securities accounted for 1,6% as of 31.12.2023.

Ownership structure (breakdown by sector), bln rubles

The core investors in debt securities related to sustainable development were other depositary corporations and pension funds (162 and 70 billion rubles accordingly) as of 31.12.2023.

Amount outstanding of debt securities (breakdown by maturity*), bln rubles

* At original maturity.

Debt securities with the original maturity from 2 to 5 years totalled 200 billion rubles in December 2023.

Amount outstanding of debt securities (breakdown by interest rate), bln rubles

Amount outstanding of debt securities with variable interest rate accounted for 34,0% of the total sustainable issuance. The amount outstanding of debt securities with variable interest rate consisted of green bonds (62 billion rubles).

The structure* of debt securities by type of economic activity in December 2023, bln rubles

* By OKVED 2.

Debt securities of Russian and foreign issuers as well as sub-federal and municipal bonds may be included in the sustainable development if they meet the requirements specified in the listing rules of the Moscow Exchange.

31.12.2019 31.12.2020 31.12.2021 31.12.2022 31.12.2023
Green 12,41 18,91 135,91 200,39 263,39
Social 0,00 5,01 9,51 26,22 26,22
Sustainable development 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 32,84
Infrastucture 0,00 0,00 25,00 50,00 95,00
Total outstanding 12,41 23,43 170,43 276,61 417,45
of which: redemption securities 0,00 0,00 0,30 0,80 38,30

* At face value (exclude redemption). From the beginning of placement on the Moscow Exchange on an accrual basis since 31.12.2019. Debt security ISIN XS2291914971 SovCom Capital not included in publication.

Detailed information is available on the official website of the Moscow Exchange (https://www.moex.com/s3019).

Time series are available for downloading at the link highlighted in the text.

Sources of information:

  • Commercial securities database of the National Settlement Depository (NSD database)
  • Data of the public joint-stock company Moscow Exchange
  • Depositary accounting data from reporting forms 0409711 ‘Report on securities data’ and 0420415 ‘Report of professional securities market participants’, adjusted to repo (Source: MOEX data)
  • Register of the Bank of Russia
  • Rosstat’s statistical register
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