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Bank of Russia Bulletin released

22 December 2021
Press release

Bank of Russia Bulletin No. 90 (2330) of 22 December 2021 has been released.

The issue presents information about the Bank of Russia’s decision to raise the key rate by 100 bp to 8.50% p.a.

The Credit Institutions section contains a review of the key indicators of the domestic foreign cash market in October 2021.

The Bulletin contains quantitative characteristics of the banking sector of the Russian Federation as of 1 December 2021.

The issue publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-2473, dated 17.12.2021, on the revocation of the banking licence from the Moscow-based credit institution NCO Premium (LLC);

No. OD-2474, dated 17.12.2021, on appointing the provisional administration to the Moscow-based credit institution NCO Premium (LLC) due to the revocation of its banking licence.

The Non-bank Financial Institutions section publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-2469, dated 16.12.2021, on appointing the provisional administration to the Limited Liability Company QBF Asset Management;

No. OD-2470, dated 16.12.2021, on extending the period of activity of the provisional administration of the professional securities market participant Limited Liability Company QBF Investment Company.

The Bulletin presents consolidated data on financial market sectors and information notices.

The Official Documents section publishes the following materials:

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5888-U, dated 18 August 2021, ‘On Amending Bank of Russia Regulation No. 534-P, Dated 24 February 2016, ‘On Securities Admittance to Organised Trades’ (becomes effective 10 days after its official publication, except certain provisions with other effective dates; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 14.12.2021);

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5985-U, dated 2 November 2021, ‘On Amending Bank of Russia Regulation No. 503-P, Dated 13 November 2015, ‘On the Procedure for Depositories to Open and Maintain Depo and Other Accounts’ (becomes effective on 1 October 2022; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 14.12.2021);

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-06-28/96, dated 16 December 2021, ‘On Recommendations for the Board of Directors of a Public Joint-stock Company to Consider ESG Factors and Sustainable Development Issues’;

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-06-59/99, dated 20 December 2021, ‘On the Inadmissibility of Unfair Practices in the Activities of Credit Institutions When Determining Consumer Loan Categories’;

The Report on the Annual Monitoring of Insurance Rates Used in Compulsory Insurance of the Carriers’ Third Party Liability for Personal Injury or Damage to the Property of Passengers, on the Rates Feasibility and the Influence of This Type of Insurance on the Development of Businesses in the Transport Sector in 2013–2020.

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