Bank of Russia Museum opens exhibition at Maly Theatre

From 10 December 2019 through 31 March 2020, the new Shchepkin Foyer of the State Academic Maly Theatre (1 Teatralny Proezd, Moscow) will host the exhibition ‘...And Countless Funds...’ Money in Works by Alexander Ostrovsky’.

This joint exhibition project is sponsored by the Maly Theatre and the Bank of Russia Museum. The exhibition opens to mark the closing of the Year of Theatre in Russia and is also timed to coincide with the 195th anniversary of the historical building of the Maly Theatre, often called the House of Ostrovsky.

Money is a prominent topic in Alexander Ostrovsky’s literary works: one in seven of his plays has a title associated with money. The Bank of Russia Museum will provide images of banknotes and securities from its collection for exhibition visitors to learn more about the times of the great Russian playwright when tselkovy rubles (one-ruble silver coins) and altyns (three-kopeck coins) were in circulation, deals were made for credit notes with the issue of promissory notes, and gold poluimperials (five-ruble gold coins) were saved as a treasure. Visitors will also have a chance to see unique costumes from theatrical performances based on the great playwright’s works, videos of the Maly Theatre’s performances over the years, and playbills from Ostrovsky’s day.

10 December 2019

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