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Public companies take into account sustainability issues in their work: Bank of Russia’s review

28 December 2023

90% of companies from level one and level two quotation lists include sustainability information in their annual or other reports. The regulator provides such information as of December 2023 in its review. 

According to monitoring findings, 38% of companies followed the Bank of Russia’s recommendations when disclosing sustainability information for 2022 (26% in the previous year). 

The regulator also analysed, for the first time, the sustainability reports of unlisted companies. Currently, such companies have not been sufficiently involved in the sustainability agenda yet. The Bank of Russia is going to expand its communications with market participants about the importance of these issues and related risks.

While promoting the sustainable development agenda, the Bank of Russia employs soft regulation. In doing so, it develops a methodological framework in terms of corporate governance, disclosing information on sustainable development and climate risk management.

Preview photo: Alexander Manzyuk / TASS
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