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Spring session of online financial literacy classes ready to start

25 January 2023

How to succeed in business, why do we need insurance and what risks it protects us from, how to manage income and expenses and avoid cyber scams? These questions will be answered at the Bank of Russia online classes for 8–11 grade pupils and college students.

The curriculum includes 23 relevant topics. Attendees will learn to deal with real life situations. Some topics may be helpful for passing the Unified State Exam (EGE) on social science. The classes will be taught by representatives of the mega-regulator, employees of large banks, university professors and market experts. They will share their financial life hacks and answer questions in a live format.

The session will offer the first run of lessons on the history of money — Ancient Coins. These lessons have been prepared by the Bank of Russia Museum team. They may be attended by pupils of 6–8 grades as well. Schoolchildren will learn how the first coins appeared and why they could have a shape of an oval or even a square, about historical monetary reforms and reformers. Also, they will be taught to interpret engravings on ancient coins.

In addition to financial literacy classes, the session traditionally includes a career guidance. Pupils will know what it feels like to be a financier, a business analyst or a teacher. According to the attendees, after these classes, some schoolchildren made their choice of future profession and entered relevant universities.

All classes will be held in the form of webinars and can be taken by groups or individually. The spring session will run until 21 April. The timetable and connection tips are available at the project website.

The Bank of Russia has been holding online financial literacy classes since 2015. The previous session in autumn 2022 collected more than 2.5 million views.

The attendees can reinforce their new knowledge at the Bank of Russia’s project Financial Literacy Games offering sets of subject-related games ready for use in school classes or children’s camps.

Preview photo: Goodluz / Shutterstock / Fotodom