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Bank of Russia presents financial market development programme for 2023–2025

29 November 2022

Top priorities set by the regulator in the draft Russian Financial Market Development Programme for 2023–2025 include an increasing role of the financial market in the transformation of the Russian economy, reconfiguration of the system of foreign trade payments and settlements, and digitalisation and advancement of the country’s payment infrastructure. This programme is a key document concerning the development of the domestic financial market. The Bank of Russia presents this programme for the next three years on an annual basis.

The structural transformation of the economy will be associated with a significant growth of the demand for investment that might notably vary across industries and regions. To address this issue, the regulator is going to focus on enhancing the role of the capital market in business financing.

Besides, it is becoming especially relevant to restore people’s confidence in the stock market as they have been demonstrating interest in it during recent years. To this end, it is essential to maintain the resilience of organisations—professional securities market participants and to improve investor protection. By continuing the earlier trend towards digitalisation of the financial market, it will be possible to enhance financial inclusion and the quality of financial services, thus opening up new opportunities for individuals and businesses.

Drafting the document, the Bank of Russia took into account market participants’ suggestions received in the course of the public discussion of new tasks of the financial market in today’s conditions.

The draft Russian Financial Market Development Programme for 2023–2025 has been submitted to the Russian President and the Government of the Russian Federation. At the next stage, it will be discussed by parliamentarians at the State Duma.

Preview photo: Lev Fedoseev / TASS