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FINOPOLIS 2021 to feature interactive fintech exhibition

10 September 2021

This year, FINOPOLIS, an innovative financial technology forum, will have its own ‘city’, FINOLAND. It will showcase recent fintech achievements enabling consumers and businesses to receive handy and cutting-edge products and services in a wide range of areas.

FINOLAND has an underground, an airport, a cinema, a university and even a modern art museum, among many others. In the ‘city’, forum participants will be able to ‘obtain a mortgage’ in a fully digital form, attend a series of master classes, take part in a cyber football match, earning points in all activities. Points can be spent in the shopping centre of the ‘city’.

FINOPOLIS 2021, an innovative financial technology forum, will take place in Sochi on 10-12 November. Please visit the forum websitefor conditions of participation.