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Statistics Department

The objective of the Statistics Department is to meet to the maximum extent possible the expanding public needs for complete and accurate statistical data on the external and financial sectors of the economy.

The most requested statistics compiled and published by the Department include the balance of payments and external debt of the Russian Federation, statistics on Russia’s foreign trade in services, the international reserves of the Russian Federation, direct investment in the Russian Federation, and direct investment of the Russian Federation abroad. Regular publications of Russia’s financial account, the closing account in the system of national accounts, and the balance of assets and liabilities constitute a unique and valuable analytical data resource for macroeconomic research and modelling. Monetary market statistics compiled by the Department, including statistics on interest rates, the regional structure of funds placed and raised by banks by industry, amounts of corporate and household lending, are also of interest to data users.

In order to expand the established user audience and maintain its attention to current statistical data, the Department enhances and complements its traditional publications with indicators specifying their type, currency and geographical composition, and the contribution of the economic activities of the constituents of the Russian Federation to the formation of composite indicators.

The Department regularly proposes new formats for the interactive presentation of statistics, improving the comprehension of complex data sets through graphic imaging and numerical explanations. Especially popular are the Department’s regular bulletins containing complete information on lending to small- and medium-sized enterprises and housing and mortgage lending accompanied by data time series. The Department actively uses the accumulated data integration experience to produce macroeconomic statistics in its work to create the Bank of Russia Statistics Portal.

Since 2020, one of the key activities of the Department is providing the methodological support to the administration and calculation of Ruble Overnight Index Average (RUONIA) as well as the arrangement of its publication.


Department Director — Galina Vasileva

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