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Non-bank Lending Department

The Non-bank Lending Department monitors and supervises compliance with statutory requirements by microfinance market participants and the self-regulatory organisations (SROs) uniting them, fosters the development of the microfinance market, and in line with its powers, participates in drafting documents regulating the activities of microfinance market participants and their SROs, as well as implements measures to counter illegal activities in the financial market.

Microfinance market participants comprise microfinance organisations (MFOs), consumer credit cooperatives (CCCs), agricultural consumer credit cooperatives (ACCCs), housing savings cooperatives (HSCs), and pawnshops.

The Non-bank Lending Department supervises and controls microfinance market participants’ activities directly (with the engagement of Bank of Russia regional branches) or through SROs. To improve the control environment, SROs are equipped with necessary tools, methodology, and training materials.

Regulation, control and supervision of microfinance market participants and SROs are aimed at ensuring the stable development of the microfinance industry, the effective management of risks emerging in the microfinance market, and the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of financial consumers.

Furthermore, the Non-bank Lending Department implements the principles of proportionate regulation and risk-based supervision, which in turn imply that regulatory and supervisory requirements depend on the level of risks typical of the activities of particular participants of the microfinance market of non-bank professional lenders.

The Department identifies financial pyramids and companies providing illegal financial services, thereby fostering trust-based environment and protecting individuals.

Taking into account that the level of public confidence in the financial industry is an important factor in its development, the Non-bank Lending Department participates in the preparation and implementation of measures aimed at enhancing individuals’ confidence in services provided by financial market participants.

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Last updated on: 12.10.2023