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Alexander Danilov

Alexander Danilov

Born on 5 September 1977 in Mytishchi, the Moscow Region.


1999: graduated from the Financial University under the Russian Government with a degree in accounting and audit.


1999–2001: Specialist in the Section of Balance Sheets and Consolidated Reporting Analysis of the Accounting and Reporting Division at PJSC Norilsk Nickel.

2001–2004: Analyst, Lead Specialist, and Chief Specialist in the Russian Customers Lending Section of the Corporate Customers and Financial Institutions Relations Division at CJSC CB Citibank.

2004–2005: Analyst at CJSC Citigroup Global Markets.

2005–2006: Regional Vice President in the Credit Risk Division at CJSC CB Citibank.

2006–2019: Senior Director at Fitch Ratings CIS Ltd.

November 2019—November 2021: Director of the Bank of Russia’s Banking Supervision Support Department.

Since 25 November 2021: Director of the Department of Banking Regulation and Analytics.


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