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Bank of Russia payment system fees, effective from 2 July 2018

Fees Fees,
A. Funds transfers1
1. Urgent funds transfer
1.1. Execution of electronic instructions 20.00
2. Non-urgent funds transfer
Еxecution of electronic instruction received by the Bank of Russia via communication channels from operational day start till 4 PM local time 8.00
from 4 PM local time till operational day closing 18.00
condition of execution2
scheduled next day 5.00
received by the Bank of Russia on a removable storage device 16.00
drafted by the Bank of Russia3 20.00
2.2. Execution of hard copy instructions received by the Bank of Russia 350.00
B. Information services
3.1. Sending inquiries, funds transfer related information and other information through the Bank of Russia using electronic messages (EMs) and forwarding information to a client by the Bank of Russia5 9.00
3.2. Submission of an electronic collection order or payment claim instructions to a payer’s bank (other than the Bank of Russia) by a customer 9.00
3.3. Preparation by the Bank of Russia of a collection order or a payment claim instructions at a client’s request and their electronic submission to a payer’s bank (other than the Bank of Russia) 350.00
B. Preparation of instruction’s paper copy
4.1. Preparation of an instruction’s hard copy at a client’s request 6.00

Free of charge for funds transfers upon completion of settlements in other payment systems using funds in customer accounts with the Bank of Russia.
2 Under the condition of ‘execution no earlier than’, ‘execution no later than’ or ‘execution no earlier and/or no later than’.
3 The fee applies to the execution of electronic instructions composed by the Bank of Russia, in particular collection orders, electronic payment customer received by a payer’s bank (Bank of Russia division), orders for recurring funds transfers from a Bank of Russia customer’s account.
4 The fee applies to customers of Bank of Russia’s field division, as well as credit institutions (branches) and other customers of the Bank of Russia participating in the electronic message exchange, if the Bank of Russia limits the electronic message exchange in case of queuing up overdue funds transfer orders or if a credit institution is subject to a restriction on making funds transfers on the basis of electronic instructions.
5 The fee applies to executed requests about sent (received) EMs, bank detail inquiries sent through the Bank of Russia, executed inquiries in an EM, a set of EMs or a batch of EMs, executed requests to withdraw an EM or a batch of EMs, and executed requests for repeated receipt of an EM.

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