Bank of Russia issues new commemorative coins

On 15 March 2018, the Bank of Russia issues commemorative coins of precious metals.

The Tercentenary of the Police of Russia series includes two silver coins in denomination of 3 and 25 rubles and a gold coin in denomination of 50 rubles.

The reverse side of the three-ruble coin features a view of Nevsky Prospect, the main street in St. Petersburg, at the time before the revolution; a policeman and a policeman’s cap badge of the time are depicted against this background. The mintage of the coin is 3,000 pcs.

The reverse side of the 25-ruble coin represents police officers of today; accompanied by a working dog, they are standing against the background of both the emblem and the main building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; there is also a coloured image of a police officer's badge. The mintage of the coin is 1,000 pcs.

The reverse side of the 50-ruble coin depicts Count Anton de Viera, the first chief of St. Petersburg Police. The mintage is 1,000 pcs.

The Bank of Russia also issues a silver one-ruble coin in commemoration of the centenary of military enlistment offices. Its reverse side depicts the emblem of the Main Organisation and Mobilisation Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The mintage of the coin is 3,000 pcs.

A three-ruble silver coin enters circulation in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Kurchatov Institute. Its reverse side features a coloured emblem of this R&D institution, against the backdrop of a stylised atom depiction. The mintage of the coin is 3,000 pcs.

To mark a centenary of the foundation of Kemerovo, the Bank of Russia issues a three-ruble silver coin featuring the monument to Mikhaila Volkov, with the City Administration building depicted on the reverse side. The mintage of the coin is 2,000 pcs.

Another new three-ruble coin is dedicated to Voronezh State University. Its reverse side features the building of Voronezh State University set against an open book background; on the left there are emblems of the university departments, laser treated for matte finishing. The mintage of the coin is 2,000 pcs.

Also, the Architectural Monuments of Russia series is complemented with commemorative silver three-ruble coins titled ‘Trinity Cathedral, the City of Saratov’ and ‘Holy Trinity Cathedral, the City of Simferopol’. The mintage of each coin is 3,000 pcs.

15 March 2018

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