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On the parameters of the auctions for the provision of 3-month loans secured by non-marketable assets at a floating interest rate

In the second quarter of 2014 the Bank of Russia will conduct auctions for the provision of 3-month loans secured by non-marketable assets at a floating interest rate, according to Regulation No. 312-P, dated 12 November 2007, “On the Provision of Loans Secured by Non-marketable Assets and Guarantees by the Bank of Russia to Credit Institutions”, in compliance with auction operations schedule for 2014. The auctions will be held with the following parameters.

Date Settlement Date Maturity Date
14.04.2014 16.04.2014 16.07.2014
12.05.2014 14.05.2014 13.08.2014
09.06.2014 11.06.2014 10.09.2014

Auction type: Dutch auction.

Minimum interest rate: the Bank of Russia key rate effective on the date of the credit auction increased by 0.25 percentage points.

Minimum bid: 25 million roubles.

Maximum number of bids from a credit institution: 3 for every correspondent (credited) account with the Bank of Russia.

Only competitive bids are accepted.

Auction timing:

Tender offer till 12.00 local time
Auction time till 17.00 Moscow time

Maximum allotment at the auction held on 14 April 2014: 700 billion roubles.

Information on the maximum allotment at the auction held on 12 May 2014 and 9 June 2014 will be released in due course.

01 April 2014

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