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On the parameters of the auctions for the provision of 3-month loans secured by non-marketable assets at a floating interest rate for 2015

The Bank of Russia set the following parameters of the auctions for the provision of 3-monthloans secured by non-marketable assets at a floating interest rate for 2015.

Auction, settlement, maturity dates are presented in the Bank of Russia operations schedule.

Auction type: Dutch auction.

Minimum interest rate: the Bank of Russia key rate effective on the date of the credit auction increased by 0.25 percentage points.

Minimum bid: 25 million roubles.

Maximum number of bids from a credit institution: 3 for every correspondent (credited) account with the Bank of Russia.

Only competitive bids are accepted.

Auction timing:

Tender offer till 12.00 local time
Auction time till 17.00 Moscow time

The auctions are conducted according to Regulation No. 312-P, dated 12 November 2007, “On the Provision of Loans Secured by Non-marketable Assets and Guarantees by the Bank of Russia to Credit Institutions”.

26 December 2014

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