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On the parameters of the Bank of Russia FX liquidity provision operations

Taking into account factors influencing demand and supply of FX liquidity in the domestic FX market in late 2016, the Bank of Russia decided to impose the following limits on the liquidity provision to credit institutions through FX repo auctions:

Date of auction Settlement date Maturity date Maximum allotment, millions of US dollars
26.12.2016 28.12.2016 25.01.2017 5,000
27.12.2016 28.12.2016 11.01.2017 3,000

The limit on FX repo auction to be held on 27 December 2016 might be adjusted on the day of the auction, if necessary.

Unlike FX swaps, FX repos do not influence ruble liquidity volume in the banking sector, because they are backed by securities. When deciding on the limits for USD/RUB sell/buy FX swaps, the Bank of Russia takes into account the situation in the financial markets. These limits might be increased in the end of December 2016, if necessary.

23 December 2016

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