Easier ways to block malicious web-sites

Photo: Maksim Kabakou / shutterstock

Malicious Internet resources in the sphere of financial markets and national payment system will be blocked on the basis of information directly supplied by the Bank of Russia. A respective agreement enabling these measures has been concluded between the regulator and the Coordination Centre for the national Internet domain, i.e. the administrator of national top-level domains .рф and .ru.

This agreement grants to the Bank of Russia the status of a competent organisation authorised to identify offending websites disseminating malicious software, Internet resources with illegal content, and phishing sites, and to pass this information further to the Coordination Centre and official registrars of domain names for blocking such sites.

Using its new mandate, the Bank of Russia will be able to protect personal data and money of individuals against illegal actions of cybercriminals.

Information about instances of improper use of domain names in the national payment system and in the sphere of financial markets shall be directed to the Centre for Cyber-attack Monitoring and Response in the Financial Sector (FinCERT) of the Bank of Russia at fincert@cbr.ru or reported at the phone number +7 (495) 772-70-90.

30 December 2016

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