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Reorganisation procedure of Bank FC Otkritie PJSC launched

Pursuant to the requirements of Part 5 of Article 23 of the Federal Law ‘On Banks and Banking Activities’, the Bank of Russia informs on the launch of a reorganisation procedure whereby Public Joint-stock Company Bank Financial Corporation Otkritie or Bank FC Otkritie PJSC (Registration No. 2209, Moscow) merges with Public Joint-stock Company B&N BANK or B&N BANK PJSC (Registration No. 323, Moscow), Joint-stock Company B&N Bank Digital or JSC B&N Bank Digital (Registration No. 2827, Moscow), and also with legal entities — non-bank financial institutions — Limited Liability Company Invest-Trading or LLC Invest-Trading (PSRN 1117746657269), Limited Liability Company Zabota or LLC Zabota (PSRN 1077757896270), Limited Liability Company NM Expert or LLC NM Expert (PSRN 1107746065866), Limited Liability Company OTKRITIE Trading or LLC OTKRITIE Trading (PSRN 1057748718785), Limited Liability Company PromFinans or LLC PromFinans (PSRN 1167746340706), Limited Liability Company SAFMAR Pensii or LLC SAFMAR Pensii (PSRN 1157746293352).

30 October 2018

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