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On expanding publication of the international investment position of the Russian Federation

For improving provision of information to users and within the framework of implementation of the Strategy of Statistical Activity for 2016-2020 and in fulfillment of commitments under the second phase of the G20 Data Gaps Initiative, the Bank of Russia has prepared an expanded presentation of the International Investment Position (IIP).

The composition of the presentation singles out data on total volume of accumulated as of December 31, 2017 stocks of foreign assets and liabilities of Non-financial corporations sector, on distribution thereof by functional category and financial instrument.

The new, more detailed presentation of the IIP data is consistent with financial accounts and the System of National Accounts balances. It will encourage more detailed analysis of investment directions and financing activities of nonfinancial corporations both on domestic and external markets.

The expanded publication of the IIP has been posted on the official website of the Bank of Russia on the Internet within Statistics/Macroeconomic Financial Statistics/External Sector Statistics subdirectory under International Investment Position. The date of the next publication as of December 31, 2018 will be set in the Official Statistics Release Calendar.

26 November 2018

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