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Financial rehabilitation measures as regards JSCB ROSSIYSKY CAPITAL (JSC)

The Bank of Russia has approved amendments to the plan for the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency to participate in bankruptcy prevention measures as regards JSCB ROSSIYSKY CAPITAL (JSC), further referred to as the Bank.

The amendments to the plan foresee the investor — JSC DOM.RF — providing, out of its own funds, additional financial assistance to the Bank with a view to ensuring its further development as a full-service mortgage and construction credit institution.

Also, the amendments provide for the Bank to be reorganised through its merger with JSC Sotsinvestbank of which the Bank is currently an investor.

The resolution of the Bank is due to complete in 2025. Once implemented, the above measures will warrant the Bank’s development and its business recovery to a level where it is fully compliant with Bank of Russia mandatory requirements.

23 November 2018

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