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On changes to the time limits for settlements under Bank of Russia operations

Due to changes in the operating schedule of the Bank of Russia payment system and further optimisation of the time limits for settlements under Bank of Russia operations, the timeframes for Bank of Russia deposit operations repayments and settlements with credit institutions under Bank of Russia loans were updated.

Starting from 16 July 2018, the Bank of Russia shall make deposit operation repayments till 9:001 local time2.

The main timeframe for issuing collection orders for credit institutions to repay Bank of Russia loans will remain unchanged — from 16:00 till 17:00 local time.

Moreover, starting from the said date credit institutions will have more time to repay Bank of Russia loans. If a credit institution intends to use the released collateral to obtain a new loan the same day, loan repayment might be carried out from 10:00 till 11:00 local time3 at the request of the credit institution.

Bank of Russia loan repayments at credit institutions’ requests will be effected strictly within the timeframes set by the Bank of Russia.

Change in the timeframe for repayment of Bank of Russia loans will not affect repayment of overnight loans and loans secured with assets pledged under other loans.

1 Before the said date, the Bank of Russia shall make deposit operation repayments from 10:30 till 11:30 local time.

2 Here and elsewhere, local time refers to the operating hours of the Bank of Russia Main Branch that manages corresponding account of a credit institution.

3 The repayment might be carried out at the request of a credit institution received by the Bank of Russia the day before.

13 July 2018

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