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Bank of Russia Bulletin released

Bank of Russia Bulletin No. 68 (2120) of 17 October 2019 has been released.

It contains the list of systemically important credit institutions.

The Cash Circulation section provides information about cash money supply in circulation as of 1 October 2019.

The Credit Institutions section presents consolidated statistics on top 30 Russian banks as of 1 September 2019, and also information on the Russian banking system as of 1 October 2019 and in 2019 Q3.

The Bulletin publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-2343, dated 9 October 2019, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-2099, dated 12 September 2019;

No. OD-2397, dated 16 October 2019, on the termination of activity of the provisional administration to manage the Saint Petersburg-based credit institution NKO 21 VEK Ltd.

The Non-bank Financial Institutions section contains the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-2388, dated 15 October 2019, on amending Clause 3 of Bank of Russia Order No. OD-1261, dated 3 June 2019;

No. OD-2392, dated 15 October 2019, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-2064, dated 5 September 2019.

The issue presents consolidated data on financial market sectors and information notices by the Bank of Russia.

The Official Documents section publishes the following materials:

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5255-U, dated 12 September 2019, ‘On Requirements for the Procedure for Examining Registered Decisions on Issuing Issue-grade Securities’ (becomes effective on 1 January 2020; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 08.10.2019);

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-04-45/73, dated 30 September 2019, ‘On Accounting of Funds Allocated to Election Commissions from Budgets of Constituent Territories of the Russian Federation’;

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-06-59/77, dated 3 October 2019, ‘On the Procedure for Altering the Way or Frequency of Communication During Overdue Debt Recovery’;

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-06-28/79, dated 9 October 2019, ‘On Certain Issues Related to Limitation by Issuers of Content and (or) Scope of Disclosed Information’;

Bank of Russia Standard STO BR NPS-1.3-2019 ‘Financial Messages in the NPS’. Exchange of Financial Messages Within the NPS During Funds Transfer Operations at the Payer’s Initiative. Scheme Albums’.

17 October 2019

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