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On Publication of New Statistical Data

For the purpose of expanding provision of information to the users, and within the framework of implementation of the Strategy of Statistical Activities and in fulfillment of commitments under the Second Phase of the G20 Data Gaps Initiative, the Bank of Russia has supplemented the list of published statistical information with data on currency composition of external debt claims and liabilities.

The new publication represents an expansion of standard presentations of external sector statistics. It contains data on currency composition of claims and liabilities of the residents of the Russian Federation with respect to the rest of the world providing further detail, as reflected in the country’s International Investment Position, in breakdown by institutional sectors and currencies of financial instruments’ denomination.

The publication will provide enhanced capabilities for macroeconomic analysis enabling a more systemic assessment of currency risks facing the external sector of the Russian Federation.

The statistics are posted on the official website of the Bank of Russia in the Statistics/Macroeconomic Financial Statistics/External Sector Statistics section under International Investment Position directory and will be updated quarterly.

15 February 2018

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