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Meeting of the National Financial Board

On 7 December 2018, the National Financial Board meeting reviewed the Monetary Policy Guidelines for 2019-2021, as well as information from the Bank of Russia’s Board of Directors on key issues of the Bank of Russia’s operation in the third quarter of 2018.

NFB members discussed the Bank of Russia report on the implementation of the Guidelines for the Development of the Russian Financial Market in 2016-2018 and the draft guidelines for 2019-2021.

Meeting participants heard information on the progress made by the Bank of Russia with regard to the implementation of the guidelines for the financial technologies development for 2018-2020 and the developing of the national payment system of the Russian Federation, as well as the activity of the chief auditor of the Bank of Russia in 2018.

The National Financial Board approved Bank of Russia regulations on the accounting activities in the Bank of Russia as well as total staff costs, pension expenses, expenses on life and medical insurance of Bank of Russia employees, capital investments, and other general and administrative expenses of the Bank of Russia for 2019.

07 December 2018

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