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Data on domestically issued debt securities to be published monthly with new visual analysis tools

Aiming to improve user information support, the Bank of Russia will now publish data on debt securities issued in the domestic market on a monthly basis.

Such monthly data, while supplementing the already available quarterly statistical data on issued debt securities, will enable users to receive quicker updates as they look into changes in bonded debt in the domestic market.

As users explore monthly data updates, they will also enjoy dashboards, new visual data analysis tools. The broader data format will become a useful utility enabling an interactive view of trends and structures in domestically issued debt securities across economic sectors and currencies.

Beginning from data as of 1 January 2015, data on debt securities issued in the domestic market will be posted on the Bank of Russia website (Statistics // Microeconomic Financial Statistics // Securities Statistics). Data will be updated on a monthly basis according to the Official Statistics Release Calendar.

02 March 2018

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