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Financial Market Development Strategy

Russian Financial Market Development Programme

Main goals, principles and areas of the policy for the development of the financial market as well as key tasks to be solved by the Bank of Russia together with the Government of the Russian Federation.

When developing and implementing measures to develop the financial market, the Bank of Russia actively interacts with professional and expert community.

In order to quickly adjust plans and take into account dynamic changes that occur in the financial market, the Program is issued annually for coming 3 years.

Taking into account current trends as well as challenges and opportunities for the financial market, the Bank of Russia together with the Government of the Russian Federation will promote its development over the medium-term horizon, working in the following key directions:

  1. Enabling a stronger role for the financial market in financing the transformation of the economy;
  2. Financial consumer and investor protection, enhancement of financial inclusion for households and businesses;
  3. Promoting digitalisation and developing financial market infrastructure;
  4. Building a system for foreign trade payments and settlements;
  5. Ensuring financial stability.
Department responsible for publication: Financial Market Strategy Department
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Last updated on: 16.03.2023