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On running one-week deposit auction

The Bank of Russia took a decision to run on 11 October 2016 a one-week deposit auction with the following parameters:

Date of auction Settlement date Maturity date
11.10.2016 12.10.2016 19.10.2016

The auction conditions are available at the page ‘Conditions of the Bank of Russia deposit and credit transactions on the auction basis for a one-week period’.

The Bank of Russia will inform credit institutions on the results of the deposit auction or on its cancellation till 1:30 p.m. on 11 October 2016.

The Bank of Russia runs deposit auctions in accordance with Bank of Russia Regulation No. 404-P, dated 9 August 2013, ‘On Conducting Bank of Russia Deposit Operations with Credit Institutions.’

10 октября 2016 года

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