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On OFZ sales from Bank of Russia portfolio

In April-December 2016, the total nominal value of federal government bonds (OFZ) sold by the Bank of Russia from its own portfolio was 143.211 billion rubles worth. Also, in January-December 2016, the Bank of Russia redeemed its OFZs with the overall nominal value of 39.618 billion rubles. Besides, in December 2016, OFZs with the total nominal value of 1.967 billion rubles were added to the Bank of Russia’s portfolio as a result of credit institutions’ default on refinancing operations.

OFZ nominal value in billion rubles
Sold in April 2016 60.694
Sold in May 2016 59.207
Sold in June 2016 11.580
Sold in July 2016 0.630
Sold in August 2016 1.168
Sold in September 2016 3.456
Sold in October 2016 3.833
Sold in November 2016 2.307
Sold in December 2016 0.335
Redeemed in January-December 2016 39.618
Balance as of 1 January 2017 64.497

The Bank of Russia will continue to sell OFZs and provide sales results information on a monthly basis.

OFZ sales by the Bank of Russia allow to partially absorb the influx of liquidity associated with the financing of the federal deficit at the expense of the Reserve Fund. In addition, OFZ sales can increase the liquidity and depth of the secondary market for government securities.

The Bank of Russia sells OFZ issues within stock trading sessions at the Moscow Exchange. The Bank of Russia seeks to minimise the influence of sales on the OFZ market.

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