Mikhail Mamuta

Born: 29 September 1974; Voronezh.

Marital status: married.


1997 — Voronezh State University, Master of Physics.

2000 — Voronezh State University, qualification conferred: economist; major: Finance and Credit.

Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Speaks English


1997–1999 — Adviser, Administration of the Voronezh Region, Voronezh.

1999–2000 — Deputy Chief of Section, Main Department for Reserves, Consumer Market and Services, Administration of the Voronezh Region, Voronezh.

2000–2002 — General Director, the State Small Business Support Fund of the Voronezh Region, Voronezh.

2002–2004 — Director for Training and Regional Development, Acting Director, Director, Microfinance Centre Fund, Moscow.

2004-2014 — Director, Russian Microfinance Centre Fund, Moscow.

2007–2014 — concurrently: President, National Partnership of Microfinance Market Participants (Non-profit Partnership), Moscow.

2014-2016 — Head of the Main Office of Microfinance Market and Financial Inclusion Methodology, Bank of Russia, Moscow.

2016–2017 — Head of the Service for Protection of Financial Services Consumers and Minority Shareholders, Bank of Russia, Moscow.

2017 to date — Head of the Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion, Bank of Russia, Moscow.

Member of the Board of Directors, Bank of Russia (appointment effective 10 October 2018).