Organisational Structure

Bank of Russia Head Office Structure

Allocation of duties between the Bank of Russia Governor and Deputy Governors

Structure of the Bank of Russia’s head office

  • Bank of Russia Governor

    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Olga Skorobogatova

      • National Payment System Department

        Alla Bakina
      • Information Technology Department

        Zulfiya Kakhrumanova
      • Cash Circulation Department

        Alexander Lakhtikov
      • Financial Technology Department

        Ivan Zimin (acting head)
      • Project and Processes Department

        Valery Kazarin
      • Russian Union of Cash Collection Divisions

        Oleg Krylov
      • Bank of Russia Nudol Technological Centre

        Andrey Mashkin (acting head until 18.09.2018 inclusive)
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Sergey Shvetsov

      • Financial Market Strategy Department

        Vladimir Tamozhnikov (until 15.10.2018)
      • Department for Countering Misconduct

        Valeriy Lyakh
      • Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion

        Mikhail Mamuta
      • Corporate Affairs Department

        Elena Kuritsyna
      • Department for Financial Institutions’ Market Access and Termination of Their Activities

        Lyudmila Tyazhelnikova
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Dmitry Tulin

      • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

        Vasily Pozdyshev

        • Banking Regulation Department

          Alexey Lobanov
        • Risk Analysis Service

          Alexander Dymov
        • Financial Resolution Department

          Alexander Zhdanov
      • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

        Olga Polyakova

        • Banking Supervision Department

          Anna Orlenko
        • Systemically Important Banks Supervision Department

          Mikhail Kovrigin
        • Service for ongoing banking supervision

          Alexey Vetokhin (acting head)
      • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia – Head of the Bank of Russia Chief Inspection

        Reports to Vasily Pozdyshev regarding inspections of credit institutions
        Reports to Vladimir Chistyukhin regarding inspections of non-bank financial institutions

        Vladimir Safronov
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Ksenia Yudaeva

      • Financial Stability Department

        Elizaveta Danilova
      • Statistics and Data Management Department

        Ekaterina Prokunina
      • Research and Forecasting Department

        Alexander Morozov
      • International Cooperation Department

        Sergey Klinkov
      • Reports Processing Department

        Olga Goncharova
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Ruslan Vesterovskiy

      • Human Resources Department

        Pavel Pankin (acting head)
      • Real Estate Department

        Vadim Tarasov
      • Procurement Department of the Bank of Russia

        Svetlana Repina
      • The Bank of Russia University

        Andrey Afonin
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Dmitry Skobelkin

      • Financial Monitoring and Foreign Exchange Control Department

        Yury Polupanov
      • Information Security Department

        Vadim Uvarov
      • Security Department

        Reports to the Bank of Russia Governor regarding certain questions
        Sergey Petrishchev
      • Main Office of Security and Information Protection

        Andrey Terentev (acting head)
      • Bank of Russia Interregional Security Centre

        Yury Bocharov
      • The Representative Office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Bank of Russia) in the People’s Republic of China in Beijing

        Vladimir Danilov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank Of Russia

      Vladimir Chistyukhin

      • Securities Market and Commodity Market Department

        Larisa Selyutina
      • Collective Investment and Trust Management Department

        Kirill Pronin
      • Insurance Market Department

        Philipp Gabunia
      • Microfinance Market Department

        Ilya Kochetkov
    • Monetary Policy Department

      Andrey Lipin (acting head)
    • Market Operations Departament

      Alexander Kashturov
    • Legal Department

      Alexey Guznov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Andrey Kruzhalov

      • Chief Accountant – Director of Accounting and Reporting Department

        Irina Granovskaya (acting head)
      • Market Services Department

        Marina Alekhina
      • Financial Department

        Olga Solodukhina
      • Field Institutions Department

        Oleg Belenko
      • Administrative Department

        Sergey Yakushin
    • Bank of Russia Chief Auditor

      Valery Goreglyad

      • Internal Auditing Department

        Nikolay Surikov
    • Bank of Russia Executive Office

      Vladimir Zhuchkov
    • State Secretary – Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Alexander Torshin
    • Public Relations Department

      Marina Ryklina
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