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On Publication of Other Financial Institutions Survey and Financial Sector Survey on the full scope of financial institutions

With the purpose to fulfill the users’ needs for information and to harmonize the published data on Sectoral Financial Balance Sheets of the System of National Accounts of the Russian Federation and Financial Sector Survey, compiled in line with Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and Compilation Guide (IMF, 2016), the Bank of Russia presents the publication of Other Financial Institutions Survey and Financial Sector Survey on the full scope of financial intermediaries.

Before this publication, Other Financial Institutions Survey was compiled using data on insurance corporations, private pension funds, and public financial corporations. The coverage of the new publication is broadened. It takes into account data on non-credit financial institutions, provided to the Bank of Russia, leasing companies, investment companies, factoring companies, and other financial intermediaries.

The presentation of Other Financial Institutions Survey data on the full scope of non-banking financial intermediaries ensures the full harmonization with the international standards and widens the perspectives for macroeconomic analysis of activities of different financial sector segments.

Other Financial Institutions Survey and Financial Sector Survey are published in the rubric ‘Monetary and Financial statistics’ of subsection ‘Macroeconomic Financial Statistics’ of section ‘Statistics’ on the official website of the Bank of Russia and will be disseminated simultaneously with the publication of SNA quarterly financial accounts and balance sheets.

In order to maintain an ability to analyze longer time-series of Other Financial Institutions Survey and Financial Sector Survey for the limited scope of financial intermediaries (insurance corporations, private pension funds and public financial corporations) The Bank of Russia will continue publishing these data in the previous format in accordance with the Official Statistics Release Calendar.

29 June 2018

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