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Bank of Russia Bulletin released

Bank of Russia Bulletin No. 27 (2079) of 17 April 2019 has been released.

The issue presents information on the preliminary selection of audit companies to be commissioned by the Bank of Russia Board of Directors for conducting inspections of credit institutions (their branches).

The Cash Circulation section provides information about cash in circulation as of 1 April 2019.

The issue publishes information on counterfeit money revealed in the Russian banking system in 2019 Q1.

The Credit Institutions section presents a review of the key indicators of the domestic foreign cash market in February 2019.

The Bulletin publishes the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-809, dated 12.04.2019, on the revocation of the banking licence and on cancelling the licence of professional securities market participant of the Moscow-based credit institution ASPECT-BANK;

No. OD-810, dated 12.04.2019, on appointing the provisional administration to the Moscow-based credit institution ASPECT-BANK due to the revocation of its banking licence;

No. OD-824, dated 12.04.2019, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-475, dated 7 March 2019;

No. OD-835, dated 16.04.2019, on amending Appendix 1 to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-2853, dated 31 October 2018.

The Non-bank Financial Institutions section contains the following Bank of Russia orders:

No. OD-807, dated 11.04.2019, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-523, dated 14 March 2019;

No. OD-834, dated 16.04.2019, on amending the Appendix to Bank of Russia Order No. OD-688, dated 28 March 2019.

The issue informs about the results of the disposal of assets of the 1st NPF JSC and about the termination of forced liquidation of NPF Metallurgov (JSC) and NPF Novyi Vek OPS (JSC).

The issue presents consolidated data on financial market sectors and information notices by the Bank of Russia.

The Official Documents section publishes the following materials:

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5062-U, dated 17 January 2019, ‘On Requirements for the Internal Document on Corporate Governance of a Trade Organiser, Clearing House, Central Counterparty, Central Depository, as well as on the Procedure and Timeframes for the Disclosure of the Contents of the Internal Document on Corporate Governance and Information on the Compliance Therewith’ (becomes effective 180 days after its official publication; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 09.04.2019);

Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 5093-U, dated 13 March 2019, ‘On the Establishment of Forms of Documents Used in the Treasury’s Guarantees on Bank Obligations Under Public Contracts and the Procedure for Their Filling’ (becomes effective 10 days after its official publication; posted on the Bank of Russia website on 11.04.2019);

Bank of Russia Order No. OD-854, dated 16.04.2019, on amending Bank of Russia Order No. OD-3439, dated 3 December 2015;

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-015-53/33, dated 10.04.2019, on amending insurance rules;

Bank of Russia Information Letter No. IN-03-21/34, dated 10.04.2019, on fulfilling requests issued in line with clause 18.1 of Decree of the Russian Federation President No. 1065, dated 21 September 2009.

17 April 2019

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