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The Russian-Turkish Working Group on Financial and Banking Cooperation holds meeting

On 11-12 May, Izmir (Turkey) hosted the 7th meeting of the Russian-Turkish Working Group on Financial and Banking Cooperation.

In the course of the meeting, representatives of the Bank of Russia and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, alongside executives of Russian and Turkish credit institutions, the Moscow Exchange and the Istanbul Exchange, as well as representatives of the National Payment Card System of Russia and Turkey’s National Clearing Centre (BKM) discussed the current status of bilateral cooperation in banking and finance, reviewed the progress to date and outlined further steps in bilateral cooperation in the field of finance and banking.

In particular, the meeting participants committed to continue with their efforts to promote inter-bank cooperation, bilateral local currency settlements and trade finance in its various globally accepted forms.

The Working Group’s priority projects currently include steps to enable the acceptance of Mir cards by Turkey’s bank payment infrastructure and to establish trading in the ruble-lira currency pair. These projects are expected to give a further boost to financial cooperation between the two countries.

16 May 2017

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