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Provision of secured loans through extended functionality of electronic document flow under Bank of Russia operations

Starting from 19 February 2018, the Bank of Russia will provide all credit institutions with the opportunity to use the electronic document flow with the Bank of Russia when obtaining secured loans of the Bank of Russia under the standing refinancing facilities. Before that, only credit institutions with basic accounts at the Bank of Russia’s Main Branch for the Central Federal District (hereinafter — the Main Branch) and Main Branch divisions were given such an opportunity.

Credit institutions concluding additional agreements for electronic message transfer concurrently with the transfer of funds within the payment system of the Bank of Russia will be able to submit the following documents to the Market Operations Department of the Bank of Russia in the electronic form:

  • applications to take part in the BoR credit auction / applications for a BoR fixed interest rate loan
  • applications for the reclassification of securities from the section ‘Blocked by the Bank of Russia’ to the principal section / a subsection in ‘Blocked by the Bank of Russia’.

Format requirements for the above documents, as well as terms and conditions for transfer, can be found on the Bank of Russia official website.

16 February 2018

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