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imgPension savings: regulator’s new requirements21/02/2017

imgShare of foreign investments in insurers’ authorised capital accounts for 19.77%21/02/2017

imgReview of financial market regulation: green bonds17/02/2017

imgCounterfeit money statistics for 201617/02/2017

imgBank of Russia, Prosecutor’s General Office sign cooperation agreement16/02/2017

imgNon-authorised transactions with legal entities’ accounts reduced in 201615/02/2017

imgBank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina’s speech at the Federation Council15/02/2017

imgBank of Russia completed annual assessment of foreign share in total bank authorised capital15/02/2017

imgTrend for lower interest rates on consumer loans continues14/02/2017

imgGood crops and strong ruble add to lower inflation14/02/2017

imgBanking sector profits totalled 114 billion rubles in January14/02/2017

imgMortgage lending volumes reach 1.5 trillion rubles in 201613/02/2017

imgLiquidity surplus to increase by year-end13/02/2017

imgOSAGO: how to avoid fraud10/02/2017

imgCurrent economic growth may be slightly above Bank of Russia’s expectations10/02/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia conceptualises fine-tuning of investor protection in the financial market09/02/2017

imgNew functional departments launched in the Bank of Russia07/02/2017

imgReal sector companies stepping up production07/02/2017

imgAlmost every fourth Russian believes inflation to fall to 4%06/02/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia estimates implementation of market participants-suggested corporate governance, issuance and listing initiatives06/02/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia to counter fraudsters in all Runet segments03/02/2017

imgFinancial Technology Association starts operations02/02/2017

imgNew 200 and 2000 ruble banknotes get their symbols01/02/2017

imgNew commemorative coin is being issued01/02/2017