Russian Journal of Money and Finance

Dear readers and contributors to Money and Credit,

We are reformatting the Bank of Russia journal. From 2018 onwards, the journal will be converted into a scientific quarterly and will be published in both Russian and English. In English, the journal will be renamed Russian Journal of Money and Finance.

Russian Journal of Money and Finance will be an open access peer-reviewed academic journal. This means that from now on, the journal will be focused to a greater extent on scientific papers. To qualify as academic publications, Russian Journal of Money and Finance articles must possess scientific novelty and rely on a wide range of bibliographic sources (for details please refer to Information for Authors). We start to publish full articles on the website with open access, so that they are freely available to online readers (we also publish our contributors’ papers at no cost to them).

We are organising Co-Editors team. A team of professional scientists will help us to support the quality of publications.

We expand the scope and geography of the journal’s remit. In addition to banking, we start to cover various aspects of monetary policy and financial innovations. Russian Journal of Money and Finance seeks to highlight the challenges that central banks of the Eurasian Economic Union’s countries, the CIS, Eastern Europe, and other emerging markets are facing. The journal aims to provide a scientific basis for the central bank’s decision-making.The relaunched quarterly journal will start from March 2018.

I am pleased to welcome contributions from all experts in the field of economics, finance and banking: research scientists, faculty members and graduate students, and scientific officers at research facilities and laboratories.

We expect these changes to provide comprehensive support of Russian Journal of Money and Finance mission. It aims to promote economic research in Russia through an influential platform that enables the publication and discussion of research concepts, as well as fostering the integration of research and everyday practice.

Ksenia Yudaeva
First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

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