Russian Journal of Money and Finance

The second issue of the Russian Journal of Money and Finance is launched by the Bank of Russia

Since 2018, the Russian Journal of Money and Finance became more scholarly focused with priority to original researches based on economic and mathematical approaches. The journal is published quarterly both in Russian and English. Starting with the second issue, each article of the journal assigns a DOI (digital object identifier), that is a modern standard for identifying information online used by all the largest international publishers. Ex post, the articles from the first issue also assigned a DOI.

The second issue of the Russian Journal of Money and Finance (2018) is mainly addressed to the researches based on the analysis of the Russian data.

BOFIT economists Mikko Makinen and Laura Solanko used monthly balance sheet data of the Russian banks to examine the correlation between changes in CAMEL variables and bank closure. Yulia Ushakova and Anna Kruglova continued the Bank of Russia research on enhancement of the supervision policy and its impact on the competition in banking sector. Andrei Shulgin from the National Research University Higher School of Economics analyzed the foreign currency repo program launched by the Bank of Russia after financial sanctions came in force in 2014. Dmitry Kreptsev and Sergei Seleznev compared the ability of BVAR and DSGE models to forecast the dynamics of key macroeconomic variables for the Russian economy. Konstantin Styrin surveyed the main findings of a recent IBRN research on cross-border transmission of monetary policy (the Bank of Russia also took part in this IBRN study). Ksenia Yudaeva presented a review of Advancing the Frontiers of Monetary Policy, a book published by IMF, where she touches upon the issues of further development of inflation targeting policy in Russia.    

Current issue

v. 77 № 2, June 2018

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