Main functions and objectives of the Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion

Main functions and objectives of the Service are as follows:

  1. Assessment of financial regulation with regard to financial services consumers’ rights protection, except for banking services (hereinafter, the financial services) and investors in the securities market (hereinafter, the investors), drafting of amendments to laws and regulations;
  2. Financial services consumers’ and investors’ complaints and appeals handling;
  3. Enforcement actions to issuers, corporate members and financial services providers, except for credit institutions, in case of violation by the same of the rights of financial services consumers and investors;
  4. Expert review of standards issued by self-regulatory organisations of financial market participants related to financial services consumers’ and investors’ rights protection;
  5. Development and implementation of orientation and training programs aiming at promotion of financial literacy and public awareness of financial market institutions and instruments in the Russian Federation.
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