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imgStatements of all banks to be published on the Bank of Russia website19/10/2017

imgInflation expectations continue to decline among market participants19/10/2017

imgInflation stabilises at low level19/10/2017

imgNon-governmental pension funds on course for further consolidation16/10/2017

imgBank of Russia holds Open Day and presents new banknotes, cash-in-transit vehicles among innovations16/10/2017

imgBank of Russia offers internship to Financial University students13/10/2017

imgNew 200 and 2,000 ruble banknotes enter circulation12/10/2017

imgRecord crops send inflation lower11/10/2017

imgInsurance market analysis: profitability and loss ratios11/10/2017

imgKey banking sector performance indicators continue to improve in September11/10/2017

imgThe Bank of Russia to hold an open day on 14th October09/10/2017

imgNew commemorative coin issued09/10/2017

imgSochi plays host to Finopolis-2017, forum of innovative financial technologies09/10/2017

imgFinopolis–2017 participants discuss finance of the future and the prospects for new technology05/10/2017

imgHousing mortgage lending tops 1 trillion rubles05/10/2017

imgBank of Russia and Artek join efforts in kids’ financial literacy programme05/10/2017

imgFINOPOLIS-2017 stages youth start-up competition05/10/2017

imgMedical insurance: new approaches03/10/2017

imgLife insurance: focus on development03/10/2017

imgFirst All-Russian Socially Significant Projects in Microfinance Competition Winners Awarded03/10/2017

imgDeveloping credit cooperatives in Russia: challenges and potential solutions03/10/2017

imgHousehold inflation expectations hold close to all-time low in September02/10/2017

imgRussian commemorative coins win international contest02/10/2017

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