Barque « Krusenstern»

Series: Barque « Krusenstern»

"The obverse"
"The reverse"

The obverse

the two-headed eagle designed by artist I. Bilibin. The inscriptions along the rim: at the top - «1 000 РУБЛЕЙ 1997 г.» (1 000 RUBLES 1997), at the bottom - «БАНК РОССИИ» (BANK OF RUSSIA). The letters below indicate the metal sign, the fineness, the fine metal content and the mint trademark.

The reverse

the barque «Krusenstern» from its stern, on top to the right Њ the portrait of I.F. Krusenstern with the inscription along the rim «И.Ф. КРУЗЕНШТЕРН» (I.F. KRUSENSTERN). The inscription at the bottom on the ribbon: «БАРК КРУЗЕНШТЕРН» (THE BARQUE «KRUSENSTERN»).


The artist: A.V. Baklanov
The sculptor: A.V. Baklanov
Moscow Mint (ММД)
The edge: 210 corrugations

Specification: Type: 4-mast barque Displacement, tons: 6,250 Length x Width x Draft, meter: 114.5 x 14.05 x 7.4 Max. speed, knots: 15 (sail), 10 (diesel engine) Power-producing means: 4-mast sailing rig (3,600 square meters), and 2 diesel engines with the total capacity of 1,600 h. p. Crew: 272 people, including 208 cadets.

Denomination 1 000 rubles
Quality Proof
Metal, fineness Gold 999/1000
Total weight, G 156,40 (+0,70)
Fine metal
content not less than, G
Diameter, mm 50,00 (-0,40)
Thickness, mm 5,70(±0,35)
Mintage, pcs 250

Date of issue: 23/10/1997
Catalogue number: 5220-0001

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