On information available on Bank of Russia website

1. Copying of information available at http://www.cbr.ru/ (as well as citing in mass media of any data or information from the information sections of the Bank of Russia’s website) is allowed provided that the link to the source of this information is indicated (for network media — a hyperlink to the respective webpage with a unique network address).

2. Information resources available at http://www.cbr.ru/ are the property of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation unless stipulated otherwise by the law on information, informatisation and protection of information. The said information resources contain open-access information which cannot be considered as confidential data subject to protection in compliance with the state secrecy law. The said information cannot be used for commercial purposes either.

3. Private individuals (legal entities) who wish to place a hyperlink to the Bank of Russia’s website (or its certain webpages) for further use as an element of information (substantive) structure of their own web-based resources (for example, in a catalogue providing for text reconstruction or in the form of an independent subject heading, etc.) must notify the Bank of Russia Press Service.

4. Owners of network resources who have placed hyperlinks to the Bank of Russia’s website are not entitled to:

— change the standard view of the browser’s window or otherwise limit or modify the content of http://www.cbr.ru/;
— place unreliable information related to providing a hyperlink to http://www.cbr.ru/.

5. Questions concerning the procedure for using information placed at http://www.cbr.ru/ or terms and conditions of this Waiver can be forwarded to the Bank of Russia Press Service.

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